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Statistics point to major reductions in the amount of crime being committed where there are cameras are installed. An article in 'New Scientist' magazine showed that simply installing a system can reduce crime, in the areas covered, by over 95%. As our customers inform us that they are having similar results in all types of business, you will begin to appreciate why CCTV is seen by many as the best system for deterrent and detection.


Magantech will help assess your security risks and work with you to develop a solution tailor made to meet your needs, no matter how straight forward or complex, no matter how small or large your project.

CCTV Example Package 1

For Medium Sized CCTV Systems (Retail, Industrial, Commercial, etc)

• Magantech can offer a cost effective professional CCTV system for monitoring and protecting sites from potential trouble, these systems are design for companies/people who do not have a manned control room, but need clear and reliable pictures when necessary
• We can offer systems that can be controlled via your PC through networks or simply stand alone units
• Peace of mind - We also offer technical support 24/7 with all our CCTV system, with engineers on call for immediate support
CCTV Example Package 2

For Small Sized CCTV Systems (Domestic, Small Businesses, etc)

• Small digital System that give great picture playback at the touch of a button. These types of systems come in a 4,9,16 camera options idea for the small user
• Cost effective and simple to use digital system with all the usual warranties
• Full support 27/4 available for the smaller uses

Our CCTV Products and Services

It doesn’t matter how big or small the requirement our CCTV division can handle it.


As a professional installation company, we can provide the best solution to meet your requirements and budget. Magantech security is proud to install the latest technology in CCTV security at a professional standard which has gained the company some valuable customers and installation contracts which include Shopping Centres, Racecourses, Government offices, Hotels, Stadiums, Service Stations, Leisure Parks and many more.


We are a company with a wealth of industry experience; in fact we boast a combined total of 60 years specialist knowledge. Magantech have built a reputation for providing high quality products and excellent service to our customers.


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